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Alley, walls, and red door, Brugge, Belgiumbakery reflection, Bamberg, Germanybaroque exterior, Dom St. Stephan's, Passau, GermanyBell tower and shadows, Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, Taos, New MexicoCabo San Lucas hotel areaCeiling, Dom St. Stephan's, Passau, GermanyChacmool Temple of the Warriors, Chichen Itze, MexicoChaco Canyon windowChaco Canyon windowChaco wallChicken coop door, Territorial House, Taoschurch bells and shadowsCoffee Cat reflectionColumbia River Bridge, Astoria, Oregoncolumn, St. Stephen's Cathedral, Passau, GermanyDa Vinci arm and shoulder musculatureDa Vinci Citta IdealeDa Vinci flying machinesDa Vinci Stanza degli specchiDa Vinci Vitruvian Man