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July 21, 2018  •  4 Comments

Although it is winter in the southern hemisphere, parts of the northern hemisphere are experiencing extreme heat.  It is, after all, summer, but England, Scotland, and Ireland are having a heat wave.  Grasses are drying, revealing areas of previous habitation not seen in recent history.  Fires continue in the western United States as well as broadly around the world, and creatures are seeking shade and shelter.  In nature, most animals have adaptations to their environments.  The human adaptation in modern times is to move from one environment to another or to use machines to make adjustments to our surroundings, according to our needs.  

As a photographer, I find photographs that either I or other photographers have taken that are of "cooling" scenes help to bring visual coolness on hot days. The photographs below fill that role in a number of different categories, even environmental portraiture and fantasy shots.  The first features Jessica Fry in the aspen high country on a June day that seems to exude coolness.

lady of the woodslady of the woods  

There is nothing like a body of water to fill the visual coolness bill.  This is a water feature at the Santa Ana Pueblo Prairie Star golf course, north of Albuquerque.

Prairie Star water featurePrairie Star water feature

Water plants, including the lotus and the marsh marigold shown here, also lead the eye into a nice summer comfort zone.

lotus and pod detaillotus and pod detail

marsh marigold with lady bugmarsh marigold with lady bug

And finally, nothing, literally, cools the air like a summer thunderstorm, regardless of where you are in the Southwest.

skyscapes cloud curtains second renderingskyscapes cloud curtains second rendering

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Wayne Gesterfield(non-registered)
Nice. I feel cooler already.
The next two days will be 116º in Scottsdale.
But it's a hot dry heat. You turn into a prune faster.
Steve Immel(non-registered)
Every one cools me off, Daryl. The one at Prairie Star feels cool though we both know it was 101. Like Dianne I'm taken by the one of Jessica in the stand of aspens. You've shown that green is just the tonic on a blazing day in the high desert.
Dianne James(non-registered)
I love everything about the photo of Jessica in the Aspen- the framing is splendid, colors are a beautiful additional way to lead the eye to the subject, and the whole look reminds me of paintings of the old master painters I have spent countless hours studying. Just wonderful and very painterly.

The photo in Albuquerque is so peaceful and cool- reminds me of the England or Wales countryside (from videos I've seen of that region), with the "L' framing and reflections on the water.

The close shot of the Lotus and flower is simple and amazing, plus the rain and ladybug, wow.

That thunderstorm shot is truly pro, because I've found it difficult to retain the detail and color in the foreground and closer cloud when the lens is also focused on that bright cloud area. Truly amazing and our beautiful Southwest in all its glory.

You are so gifted, Daryl. Thank you for giving me these weekly glimpses to which I look so forward each week.
Terry Thompson(non-registered)
Very cool Daryl. Wishing for moisture and a drop in our temps. Thanks for the cooling suggestions.
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