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April 09, 2018  •  4 Comments

If you read my blog regularly, you know that one of my favorite photographic subject areas is environmental portraiture.  Always different, always stimulating, and sometimes challenging, this kind of "people photography" leaves a lot more to chance then studio portraiture.  The photographer has to be strong and firm with her or his own vision, but friendly and open, and use equipment as well as conditions to best advantage.   No fill flash was used in any of the images in today's blog.

Once again, it must be said that light is everything.  Isolating light and/or using shade and fill light is one way of making an on-site or environmental portraiture work.  Such is the case in this exterior shot of Jesse Ortiz at Tierra Wools in Los Ojos.

Jesse OrtizJesse Ortiz

Clouds and sun were playing games when I shot an image of Julia while she was visiting the United States in conjunction with the film From Zimbabwe to Santa Fe, by doc filmmaker Cristina McCandless.

Julia From ZimJulia From Zim


Weaver Joe Bacon seated at his home in Arroyo Seco.  Light from two different windows filled the scene, and white walls acted as diffusers and reflectors.

Joe Bacon at homeJoe Bacon at home

Although this is obviously a seriously posed shot of Ashley, I took a number of photographs of her on the Taos Territorial House stairway before capturing the image below. The walls are white, and a west window filled the small space. Some eastern light was also scooting down the first set of stairs at her.

Ashley the bride glamour shot b&WAshley the bride glamour shot b&W

I am quite envious of photographers who not only make amazing portraits of other people, but are so comfortable with their own beings that they mug and play with the camera when in front of it rather than behind it.  Although I am getting better about having my photograph taken, I am much more comfortable behind the camera, capturing interesting and beautiful faces of the world.  And I do my very best to make those I photograph feel comfortable and make the experience fun.  Being camera comrades, Steve and I have fun shooting.  He, unlike me, is one of those examples of people who are almost as comfortable in front of the camera lens as behind.

Steve holding up wallSteve holding up wall

And finally, a shot of Fred in Cossack hat and sunglasses.  Lots of reflected light from the surrounding snow.

Fred in Cossack hat-2Fred in Cossack hat-2KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA


There are so many images I would love to share with you, but out of respect for either minors or people in private events, I don't feel I can do that in this blog setting.  As photographers, you may struggle with this as well.  So I suppose those are for the pleasure and memory of the people involved and us as photographers.

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Steve Immel(non-registered)
Looks like we both have the look back at these portraits bug. These are super. I love the one of Jesse Ortiz at Tierra Wools. What a smile on that guy. And the black and white makes it timeless. Could be yesterday or 1947. You captured the humanity of each subject beautifully.

Thanks for including me in the package.
Catherine Sobredo(non-registered)
Great portrait shots Daryl! Very strong and telling!
Larry Jones(non-registered)
All great portraits for different reasons. And, you have been well-received in Saltillo, Mx.
What a grand diverse collection of face and light sources. You do so well at capturing everyone's unique personality. That's why you are the pro and we the amateurs learning from you!
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