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Happy Christmas!

December 24, 2017  •  4 Comments

Short and sweet this week, as I present the lowly and wonderful pomegranate (Punica granatum) for Christmas.  Originating in the broader area now known as the Middle East, it spread to Spain and into California during the 17th and 18th centuries.  It was a treat for New Mexico kids, and we relished picking out the seeds with their juicy, messy flesh whenever they were available in the markets.  At that point, photographing them had not even occurred to me.  So today's blog is my present to you on this special day.

I did two different shoots, both in natural light.  The first shoot took place under high overcast, rendering a soft and mostly even light, shown here.

pomegranate 2pomegranate 2


The second shoot was in shade of late afternoon light, using a light-toned pine board, which created the painterly cross-section below.

pomegranate cross sectionpomegranate cross section


I also shot is obscured sun, resulting in a subdued sheen on the pomegranate profile here.

pomegranate on woodpomegranate on wood


Happy Christmas all!

until next Monday,


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Steve Immel(non-registered)
Happy Christmas to you and Fred. This is a lovely post, Daryl. And painterly is exactly the word to describe the cross section of the pomegranate. It looks more like a thickly painted watercolor. They are all wonderful designs. You done the "lowly" pomegranate or "granada" as we say in España proud.
With mimosas on our balcony in Costa Rica, we salute you both and wish you the merriest...and juiciest...of holidays!
Each shot is brilliant. Each position, composition and light radiates a different aspect of the fruit we'd probably not contemplated before. A prosperous 2018 filled with new light, sites and moods to capture with your lens.
Love U
I never knew a pomegranate could look so lovely. You're a gifted photographer with a well-developed eye for the extraordinary. I hope you guys have a wonderful time over the next few days and each day of the year brings untold blessings.

God bless,
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