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extended autumn

November 12, 2017  •  4 Comments

I can remember many a November in years past when the temperatures were well below zero and snow was flying fast and furiously.  This year, the collective "we" in New Mexico are spoiled.  The weather has been a delight as we experience an extended autumn.  Although it is dry, the relative warmth keeps me from thinking that winter is in the wings, waiting to pounce.  In preparation for today's blog, I walked around, camera on my shoulder and a plate of pumpkins and squash in my hands, photographing the contents in a variety of settings over a four hour period.  And during that time period, I returned to locations I liked simply because the light was changing, and the afternoon breezes altered my approach.  Photography of this sort is similar to a combination of plein air painting, and still life studies.  It serves the purpose of stimulating the artist's creative juices, requiring him or her to work in different ways and in different environments.  That is why you see the results of these sessions from time to time in my blogs.  Every shoot is an adventure.

At our house, wool is always available, and with its texture and patina, it makes a nice backdrop.  Below is a natural white Navajo-Churro wool.

Harvest set up 1Harvest set up 1    


Squash, jalapeño pepper, and wheat grass on Fred's Rug 254 in the style of Chiefs Blankets.

Harvest set up 3Harvest set up 3



The image below was shot in mid-afternoon, which, at this time of year, produces a nice, low light with interesting shadows.

Harvest set up 2Harvest set up 2


I found a couple of what I call "juicy" details while checking for focus in several of the images.  The ridges in the pepper mimic the larger ones in the squash.

Harvest set up 4 detailHarvest set up 4 detail


This is a shadow on one of the squashes.  It was a complete and total surprise.

Harvest set up 5 detailHarvest set up 5 detail

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Steve Immel(non-registered)
Another of your wonderful examinations of a specific subject; this being squash (how very fall appropriate). The wool and weavings make a lovely backdrop for the lush colors of the squash. I like the way the ridges of the squash and pepper mirror each other and am taken by the last shot which is so abstract.
Wayne Gesterfield(non-registered)
Ah, the colors and textures of pumpkins, squashes and gourds.
Ain't fall wonderful for us photographers.
So many reds, yellows and oranges. My favorite colors.

Nice shots. Thanks Daryl.
Delicioso! It truly is like plein air painting, isn't it? I especially love how the shadows fall in such serendipity fashion. The colors in the sunlight, with the red, yellow, orange, and green are wonderful, and probably my favorite because of all the drama created by the sun, but the arrangement on the churro sheep wool is also exciting (shhh...I won't tell Fred you were into his wool): Thank you, once again, for a great start to the week by receiving your post.
Hugs from the Valley.
Glorious colors
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