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Welcome to my blog!  Many of you have seen or followed my blog during the last four years and nearly 200 editions.  Thank you for your patience and comments that made you part of it.  For those of you who have not, you can still view archived blogs at

Released each Monday, my blog on Zenfolio will feature photographic work I have either made or discovered accompanied by text covering everything from the artistic and photographic process, to history, family history, environmental conditions, nature, and the weather.  I hope you enjoy the new format and possibilities it offers.  

freshman orientation

August 12, 2018
It is the time of year that either thrills or puts a shiver down the spines of students all over the world. They are heading back to school or perhaps to university as fr...
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jet jockeys

August 05, 2018
This slang term used to describe pilots of jet fighter aircraft is the term I frequently associate with hummingbirds. Their speed and agility in the air is nothing less t...
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velvet conundrum

July 29, 2018
A continuing conundrum as a photographer is equipment. One buys a camera and lens - whether film or digital - expecting the equipment to last a good, long time. The origi...
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visual coolness

July 21, 2018
Although it is winter in the southern hemisphere, parts of the northern hemisphere are experiencing extreme heat. It is, after all, summer, but England, Scotland, and Ire...
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July 15, 2018
Extremely uplifting news came out of Thailand this week when all 12 young members of a football team and their coach were extracted from a cave system after having surviv...
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