welcoming winter

November 28, 2016  •  2 Comments

Although the winter solstice is not until 21 December this year, winter definitely arrived over the weekend.  It is fascinating to see the changes that occur, seemingly quite suddenly.  Water shifts from a liquid to a frozen state in a matter of hours or even minutes, giving the landscape a new look, like a quick costume change. The cusp between liquid and ice is one of the most interesting places for a photographer.  I was wandering around looking for possibilities and found almost a topographic map in the stock tank.  Water falling into the tank had created a hole in the ice, around which bubbles were building.

bubbles in ice-0008bubbles in ice-0008  


Not more than half an hour later, the scene had changed enough to warrant more shooting.  The hole is now fully surrounded by bubbles.

bubbles in ice-0011bubbles in ice-0011


The form of the top bubbles looks like something under an electron microscope.

bubbles in ice-0013bubbles in ice-0013


Incoming drop!

bubbles in ice-0010bubbles in ice-0010

Enjoy the new season of photographic possibilities!

until next Monday,


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Catherine Sobredo(non-registered)
Fascinating Daryl! Surreal and UFO came to mind! Beautiful images.
Steve Immel(non-registered)
These are killer, Daryl. Like snowflakes every one is different. Stopping the motion creates such amazing patterns. I'm delighted that you used black and white to focus on the elaborate designs. One of my favorites of your posts.
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