dazed and confused

November 14, 2016  •  6 Comments

I know (from an independent survey conducted by yours truly) that many people were left dazed and confused by the presidential election on Tuesday. Others are thrilled and feel life is beginning again.  To those of you who are in the former category, I dedicate today's blog.  It is not only the human species left in this state.  Particularly in the bird world, the condition exists because they hit human-made objects, such as windows and buildings. Not being a nature photographer per se, I hunt like a coyote and basically stumble upon these shots when birds are in a stupor.  For me, lacking the advantage of a very long telephoto lens, I utilize the lens I have for that purpose (70 mm - 200 mm) to catch unsuspecting subjects.  These photographs are not technically the best, but are great for identification. 

For instance, when would I ever see northern saw-whet owl?  This jewel ran into one of our sliding glass doors just after sunset.

northern saw whet owl-northern saw whet owl-


The black-headed grosbeak below struck during the day.  A massive amount of sunlight allowed me to get a couple of clear shots while the bird was still dazed.  The great thing is that you can see every individual feather and how they come together to create the distinctive markings.


Only during a year when moisture is so scarce, and when the previous season offered abundant piñon, do these sweet birds venture out of the trees into open areas.  We are seeing many red-breasted nuthatches this year, such as the one below.


Last but not least, the original dazed and confused mammal that carries the label "deer in the headlights".  They are diligent in watching prey, which yields that constant look of surprise. 

deer by New Mexico privetdeer by New Mexico privet


Like the birds and mammals in these photographs, we humans generally arise again, dust ourselves off, and pursue our dreams.

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Daryl Black(non-registered)
Thank you Sara, Terry, Larry, Fred, and Steve for your kind comments about my blog! They are particularly warm and fuzzy after the craziness of the election.
Steve Immel(non-registered)
You have some specialty, photographing dazed birds. These are precious. The saw-whet owl is sweet and almost comic with those big eyes. So, too, is the red breasted nuthatch all round and cuddly.
Fred Barraza(non-registered)
So cool! Loved those images. I have so many pics of birds, but I don't post 'em because they really suck. Want to come over and take photos for me?
Lawrence Jones(non-registered)
You're so fortunate to have birds to photograph right now. All of ours have disappeared for awhile as the seasons change. As always, love your work Daryl. I'm not worried about the election outcome. This country has survived a lot worse.
Terry Thompson(non-registered)
I agree, nice message Daryl.
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