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October 24, 2016  •  5 Comments

In last week's blog, I stepped into the wonderful pool of Ashley & Gene's wedding.  During the past week, I have become quite familiar with each photograph, each face, the autumn light, the textures, and the emotions present at the event, and wanted to share more with you.

As a photographer, a responsibility to the wedding party is to shoot specific images - traditional things such as the kiss, the toast, the rings, the families - but also to find those spontaneous, fun moments that make memories.  The first set of photographs of the bride and groom would be considered more traditional.




Here is one of my favorite spontaneous moments of the wedding - a group hug shared by the mother of the bride, and the bride and groom.

Another task of the photographer is to capture the flavor of a wedding.  By this, I don't mean the cake, but the feel of it demonstrated among the participants.  Instead of a guest book, Ashely and Gene chose to use chalkboards and have me photograph each person at the wedding holding the person's wishes to the couple.  Here is Gene's younger brother, seated on a bench draped with spider web cloth, and the spare skeletal hand.  My husband, Fred, served as chief coordinator and eraser of chalkboards for this pre-ceremony event.


The ladies' turn to mug for the camera...


Showing ink...

Thanks to Steve, Cristina, Catherine, and others who so faithfully comment on my blog, and to Mary K. who wondered where my blog was this morning.  All your thoughts are appreciated.  I would be remiss if I did not thank Ashley and Gene, and their wonderful families and friends who were so fun and very willing to pose before the camera.    Next week, I will include some of the environmental portraits I was able to make.  

until next Monday,


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Debra DuBois(non-registered)
So wonderful to see the joy! Great photos. I especially like the sepia traditional one at the beginning.
Daryl Black(non-registered)
Thanks, Steve, TTT, and Elida for your kind comments about the wedding photographs. I do love photographing weddings, and this one was particularly fun. More "portraits" next blog.

Have a good week all!
Steve Immel(non-registered)
Thanks for the wedding spread, Daryl. You've captured the joy and love so well. I like the group hug shot, too, and am glad to see the toned black and white shot up top. It looks like a vintage platinum print.
U really captured the joy!!
not an easy task in the midst of matrimonial chaos
Elida Hanson-Finelli(non-registered)
Beautifully executed. Great skin tone!!! Wonderful groupings. They all look spontaneous but capture the necessary essence! I am very impressed Daryl.
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