O'Keefe country

March 22, 2015  •  2 Comments

A year in New Mexico is not complete without a drive to or hike in the area I and many call O'Keefe Country.  There was a reason artist Georgia O'Keefe planted herself on the land around Abiquiu and Ghost Ranch, and photographer Ansel Adams found it compelling. Layers within geological monuments hold their own color palettes and shapes, constantly being altered by environmental and human activity.

There are several images that have become iconic and representational of the area.  The first is a sandstone fin.  It is one of those "I just needed to photograph this" shots.

O'Keefe Country landscapes sandstone finO'Keefe Country landscapes sandstone fin In the same category is the broad vista including Chimney Rock.  The sheer depth and richness of the colors has tempted many a photographer and painter to venture out and capture it, regardless of day, time, and weather.

O'Keefe Country landscapes color Chimney MesaO'Keefe Country landscapes color Chimney Mesa

I also like the possibilities that increased contrast and filtration provide in a black and white shot.

O'Keefe Country landscapes black and white with Chimney MesaO'Keefe Country landscapes black and white with Chimney Mesa

Pure design

O'Keefe Country landscapes designs in sandstoneO'Keefe Country landscapes designs in sandstone

Still life by nature

O'Keefe Country landscapes - still life by natureO'Keefe Country landscapes - still life by nature

Time to explore!

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Daryl Black(non-registered)
Thanks, Steve. What you say is so very true. It never gets old and it says New Mexico. I am considering a couple of shots (not yet published) for Taos Fall Arts. Depends on my mood.
Steve Immel(non-registered)
It's one of my favorite places in NM and you've captured it beautifully. It never gets old does it? It may be the place that is the most iconically New Mexico of all. The striations in the rock have always captivated me. Usually I favor black and white for the drama and weight but in this case it's a toss-up since the colors are so essential to depicting O'Keefe country.
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