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December 07, 2015  •  6 Comments

Through the New Ground Matrix Fine Art Gallery in Albuquerque's Nob Hill area, I found an extremely helpful photography blog site - Red Dog News.  Tim Anderson of Cygnet Press brings together photography news and techniques, as well as product and contest news on a regular basis.  This is one of the most helpful blogs I have seen, and therein recently discovered the Color It Red photography contest.  Early entry deadline is 15 December, but entries can be submitted until 15 January.  I like the idea of this contest, not only because red is such a force of nature, but also because photographers can enter as many as 10 images for a reasonable price.  It is a way to get your work seen by judges, and to see the kinds of work photographers are doing.  My work may be a little too traditional but I will put ten images forward regardless.  I would appreciate your opinions about the photographs in today's blog - strengths, weaknesses, excitement, boredom.  That would help me decide which images to submit.  And if you are a photographer, I would encourage you to enter Color It Red as well.

We literally walked by and then did a double take look at this kitchen on the island Santorini, attracted by the touch of red on the edge.  

Kitchen - SantoriniSantorini kitchen

A door in the Japanese Tea Garden at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, California

Door - Golden Gate Park, San FranciscoDoor - Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

Member of the wedding, waiting

groomsman waitinggroomsman waiting

Tango leg

tango leg and rosetango leg and rose

I appreciate your input on this, and always enjoy your comments.  The weather and angle of the sun are perfect for early winter shooting, so as friend and fellow photographer Diane DiRoberto used to say "Get out there!"

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Tango leg, no doubt. Makes me want to take up Tango.
Catherine Sobredo(non-registered)
I love them all. But the Santorini and the tango are my favorites. Good luck with the contest!
Debra Harbaugh(non-registered)
I agree with others that the Tango Leg is superb! The lighting is great!
Daryl Black(non-registered)
You know as much as I do, Steve, so we're both in the dark (or the red, as it were). Thanks for the comments.
The tango leg and ingenious placement of the rose ...coupled with the lighting on the stairs? You've captured the definite Shock-and-WOW factor of red!
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