It was, after all, a river cruise

January 18, 2015  •  3 Comments

During the last four months and a bit, photographs from the river cruise my sister and took on the Danube, Main, and Rhine Rivers have graced this blog.  Most of the photographs, however, have shown cathedrals, monuments, architecture, people, and food.  Since it was a river cruise, I thought it might be good to do a final trip blog featuring some river views.

Despite the fact that I had arrived in Budapest via Paris two days before, the first morning we were underway had me out of bed at dawn and on deck, watching the Danube and the banks flow by.  It almost felt as if we were floating on a jungle river, with steam and fog rising around us.

Danube first morning on boatDanube first morning on boat

The man who drove the Viking Longship with his crew was Jurij Tokacev.  We only saw him once face to face, and that was during a tour of the bridge.  I loved the fact that part of his personal belongings on the bridge was a carpenter's level.

Captain Jurij, Viking SkadiCaptain Jurij, Viking Skadi

From my sister's experience on a river cruise through Holland, it was easy for her to tell the difference between an individually or family-owned barge, and one owned by a corporation.  A barge owned by an individual generally had an automobile, bicycles, and other forms of transportation on deck because the owner (and family) were living on the barge. Wherever and whenever they came ashore, their personal, non-river transport was with them.  Curtains in the windows were also a dead giveaway.  Here are two shots of the Babbette Lamer, showing the bow and the stern (with car).  

Babette Lamer on the RheinBabette Lamer on the Rhein

Babette Lamer on the RheinBabette Lamer on the Rhein

The grape vines that have become ubiquitous along the river system and associated structures provide even more photographic eye candy.  The first image is near Clingenburg on the Main.  The second is between Wertheim and Koblenz on the Rhine.

Clingenburg am MainClingenburg am Main


Rhine River between Wertheim and KoblenzRhine River between Wertheim and Koblenz


Finally, a river remnant.  So many stories.

river remnantriver remnant

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D & D(non-registered)
All votes are in! You definitely have another first-prize winner in that wee yellow boat awaiting its destiny (...or, perhaps, Waiting for Godot?) among the reeds and reflections. Provocative. Charming. Thank you for sharing your talents with all of us again this week.
Steve Immel(non-registered)
It's a treat to see the placid river and verdant greens of mid-Europe summer. The terraced vineyards are eye candy for a cork dork like me. I share Cristina's appreciation for the "remnant" sans motor among the reeds.
all the glorious posh of the riverboat aesthetic is diminished by your precious "rowboat in the reeds" It is the perfect photo because it evokes 100 possible stories. This image sucks us into our deepest fantasies. well done!
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