Welcome to my blog!  Many of you have seen or followed my blog during the last four years and nearly 200 editions.  Thank you for your patience and comments that made you part of it.  For those of you who have not, you can still view archived blogs at http://darylablackphotographer.blogspot.com/.

Released each Monday, my blog on Zenfolio will feature photographic work I have either made or discovered accompanied by text covering everything from the artistic and photographic process, to history, family history, environmental conditions, nature, and the weather.  I hope you enjoy the new format and possibilities it offers.  

back to my photographic roots

November 19, 2017
During the past month, I have been putting together images for sets of prints and cards. One of the sets will be black and white. I am calling it Noir/Blanc/Gris, and it...
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extended autumn

November 12, 2017
I can remember many a November in years past when the temperatures were well below zero and snow was flying fast and furiously. This year, the collective "we" in New Mexi...
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Sawmill District details

November 05, 2017
As promised last week, I continue to blog today with images from the Sawmill District in Albuquerque. My penchant for geometrics was definitely piqued by the architectura...
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Sawmill District revival

October 30, 2017
Something is afoot in New Mexico's largest city. My old stomping grounds, Albuquerque, is frequently in the news because of crime, and on the political front due to a tro...
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October 23, 2017
On all counts, we are experiencing an extraordinary autumn in northern New Mexico. The aspen were stunning and long lasting, the scrub oak are still presenting themselves...
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