Welcome to my blog!  Many of you have seen or followed my blog during the last four years and nearly 200 editions.  Thank you for your patience and comments that made you part of it.  For those of you who have not, you can still view archived blogs at http://darylablackphotographer.blogspot.com/.

Released each Monday, my blog on Zenfolio will feature photographic work I have either made or discovered accompanied by text covering everything from the artistic and photographic process, to history, family history, environmental conditions, nature, and the weather.  I hope you enjoy the new format and possibilities it offers.  

autumn has arrived

September 24, 2017
Driving on U. S. Highway 64 west from Tres Piedras to Tierra Amarilla is a pilgrimage for us, one we make at least twice during the autumn months. It is one of the great...
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last and first of the season

September 18, 2017
Friday, 22 September, is the autumnal equinox, a time when the light is changing faster than any time during the year, other than at the vernal equinox in March. Tomorrow...
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not precisely as prescribed

September 11, 2017
Hurricane Irma dominated the 24/7 news cycle for much of the week and certainly this weekend, as the hurricane dragged its enormous form over many islands in the Atlantic...
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head in the clouds

September 03, 2017
During this week of devastation on the Gulf Coast of Texas from Hurricane Harvey, and fires in the western United States, the air in New Mexico was rendered into an odd h...
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odds and ends

August 28, 2017
Today's blog takes a page from Fred's weaving. Every year before the Taos Wool Festival, which this year is 7 and 8 October in Kit Carson Park, he weaves a rug from the s...
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